About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka stands as one of Asia’s most promising investment opportunities

Since 2009, the country has seen rapid development as a result of Asian investors looking for high growth economies. Among the reasons for this are:

A Decade of Rapid Growth

In the past decade Sri Lanka has seen rapid growth

GDP per Capita

Sri Lanka's GDP per Capita is the
3rd largest in South Asia

Discretionary Spend

Over the past 10 years the total discretionary spend
of Sri Lankans has more than quadrupled

Growth Forecast

Sri Lanka is right at the cusp of a dramatic growth.

Per Capita GDP (USD)

By 2026 Sri Lanka is expected to have
the same GDP as Thailand today.

Per Capita Discretionary Spend (GDP)

By 2025 Sri Lanka per capital discretionary spend would have left the subcontinent behind and be close to the ASEAN average today

Key Growth Sectors


Being at the heart of a international shipping routes, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a logistics hub for the Asian region


As hotel room capacity increases and standards get higher, Sri Lanka is poised to climb to greater heights as a tourist destination.