GIGA Foods

Cloud Kitchens are the new frontier in the food industry, and the global excitement around the theme comes from the disruption that Cloud Kitchens can bring to food, not only in restaurants and hotels, but also in the home. The winning edge comes from the engineering that goes into simplifying the process, which then distills this art form of creating a high-end dish into a scientific method.

Bluestone launched a project meant to disrupt the entire restaurant and catering value chain in Sri Lanka. With the launch of GIGA foods Sri Lanka, Bluestone combines the use of food technology, backend engineering with a hybrid distribution model and modern food branding. The aim is to serve restaurant quality food at better than affordable prices available only through delivery aggregators. The desirable consequence of this Cloud Kitchen concept is to disrupt the highly inefficient front-end restaurant, hotel business, which, despite huge margins, finds returns elusive.

Bluestone has been working with a leading food technology company in India for the last 12 months to design specialized menus, engineer the back-end operations to reduce prep times, finetune the tastes to suit the Sri Lankan palette and heat map the country to pinpoint the hub and spoke distribution model.