Our Approach

Focusing on the twin business pillars of Venture Capital and Private Equity,
our hands-on approach to growth is dictated by our expertise:

Deal Sourcing

Being highly experienced investors, we understand how to engage and safe-guard investor interests. We connect principals to high potential deals, working diligently to source and structure deals that make financial sense for investors. Here, our approach is to spend a large part of our effort in understanding the business, its drivers and management before embarking on due diligence. Exit strategy, size, control, and scale are all critical parts of the Bluestone selection process.

Resource Utilisation

We distinguish ourselves by a rigorous focus on investments that suit our strategic skillset. Bluestone pursues investments that best fit within our organisation’s resources.

Focus on Governance

All assets, no matter its size, benefit from a clear and well-articulated structure – at Bluestone, we strongly believe that growth begins from governance. Broadly defining governance as accountability, transparency, and risk mitigation, we establish ‘triggers’ that ensure timely compliance, setting up internal benchmarks and transparent processes that are best-in-class. Among our expertise is designing the incentives, rewards, and performance metrics of top management as well as code of conduct.

Talent Management & Acquisition

We pride ourselves in our ability to source and manage the best-in-class talent. This involves not only a deep working relationship with management but also training and strategic external expertise that can fill gaps and create opportunities. Bluestone believes that a structure that aligns management with our investors is the first step in the management process – this is among the primary reasons why we adopt a hands-on approach.


A continuous focus on creating value at the exit allows us to closely monitor the vital metrics that will drive long and short-term value. We believe that scale and strategy need to be defined well before the investment, and that a defined and agreed blueprint is the bedrock on which value is created.

Nurturing Entrepreneur

We believe in entrepreneurs before ideas; in other words, we look for clear thinking, driven, strategic entrepreneurs who bring ideas on which businesses of scale and value can be built. We are willing to take minority stakes in such enterprises as long as we align the management to our long term goals.